Frequently-asked questions

How do I transition my old Monolith license to the new Platform?
If you have used Monolith before this new update, simply create an account and navigate to the subscriptions tab in the dashboard. There you will be able to enter your key in the "Manual Key Activation" section. If you have any issues, please contact us in the support channel in our Discord server.
Is Monolith for the new Recoil?
Yes, Monolith is mathematically an exact 1:1 recreation of the latest recoil mechanics, it is physically impossible for Monolith to be improved any further than its current state recoilwise nor is it possible for another Rust Script to exist that can control your recoil better. Monolith exclusively is also the only Rust Script on the market that achieves the impossible functionality of compensating for Rusts recoil randomization allowing you to take your gameplay to impossible heights, experience a game changing spray impossible to achieve without Monolith
How does Monolith achieve the impossible of compensating for Rusts recoil randomization?
In Rusts new recoil system every weapons spray is heavily randomized, no matter how long you practice and no matter what script you use your spray will never be straight due to Rusts randomization. However by utilizing an advanced, highly optimized and custom made AI algorithm, Monolith screenshots your screen and detects key points to move towards during your spray to effectively compensate for Rusts recoil randomization allowing you to experience impossible levels of recoil control in any situation, standing, moving or spraying
Does Monolith have auto detection?
Yes, Monolith features image recognition auto detection that supports all skins, resolutions, ui scales and in-game filters, no need to manually select the weapon that you are holding, Monolith will instantly and accurately detect the current weapon you are holding
Does Monolith support old recoil?
Yes, Monolith supports old recoil, if you still play on servers that use the old recoil system (pre june 2022) Monolith has an option in the menu to toggle to this version.
Does Monolith support GeForce Now?
Yes, Monolith is compatible with GeForce Now and other Cloud PC based streaming services
I dont have a Monolith account, how do I create a Monolith account to login?
Creating a Monolith account is incredibly easy & quick, simply click "LOG IN" top right and select "Don't have an account? Register here."