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Monolith is the leading premium Rust script available on the market. Offering unparalleled pixel perfect recoil control, exceptional quality, endless customizability & safety at an unbeatable price.


Monolith is a undetected recoil script for Rust that does not inject or interact with your game in any way. Its purely a script with countless features, recoil for every gun & every attachment. Every single aspect is customizable from randomization to binds. Monolith can easily be configured to look realistic / legit. Being the best with Monolith is one quick, simple & inexpensive purchase away.


Monolith is highly optimized with high accuracy, low latency calculations utilized to imitate Rusts recoil mechanics 1:1. This ensures every spray with Monolith is as precise as physically possible when on default settings.


Monolith is customizable in every aspect from randomization, binds, smoothness, scaling, control percentage, animation steps you name it. Experience pixel perfect recoil or an unparalleled, completely believable legitimate spray.


Monolith is designed with user account safety and privacy in mind. It is very important to us that the end user has the safest possible, uninterrupted experience. Privacy and user safety is taken very seriously w/ Monolith.


Monolith doesn't beleive in charging customers an excessive & ridiculous price for scripts. This is why our pricing is significantly cheaper than competitors without the common compromise of quality or safety.

1 Month Subscription

Monolith Script


  • Customer Favourite
  • Plenty of Features
  • Perfect Rust Recoil
  • Full Support

7 Day Subscription

Monolith Script


  • Most Popular
  • Plenty of Features
  • Perfect Rust Recoil
  • Full Support

1 Lifetime Subscription

Monolith Script


  • Lifetime Sale ($94 $67)
  • Plenty of Features
  • Perfect Rust Recoil
  • Full Support

Monolith Discord

Join the official Monolith discord today, receive fast support anytime. Simply create a ticket and ask any question or request for help with any issue. Monoliths support team will answer you as fast as possible.

Full Feature List

Significantly cheaper than any & all competitors. Ridiculously cheap in comparison without the loss of quality, service or safety. Just because Monolith is cheaper doesnt mean you arent paying for quality, its simply because we dont beleive in charging an excessive & ridiculous price to our customers for a script.


Highly customizable in every aspect from

With this much customization, settings & options at your fingertips, you can play any way you desire. Experience pixel perfect recoil, an unparalleled completely believable legit spray, or a smooth & randomized spray that is indistinguishable from any legit spray.

Every Weapon, Scope & Barrel supported. Experience no recoil with any & all combinations of your favourite attachments.

Any Weapon

Any Attachment


⁍ Ability to perfectly control hipfire sprays.
Ability to spray any weapon perfectly without needing to scope in.

⁍ TapFire Guns fast without issues
Most scripts cannot be tapped fast without your spray going all over the place, this is not the case with Monolith.

⁍ Rapid Fire
Automatically shoot semi-automatic weapons at max fire rate.

⁍ Anti-AFK
Never be kicked for being AFK again, random keystrokes & mouse moves are performed to prevent afk kicks.

⁍ No Movement Penalty
Automatically adjusts recoil for when moving, strafe & spray semi-automatic weapons without issues.

⁍ No Standing Penalty
Automatically adjusts recoil when standing & crouching, stand or crouch when spraying without issues.


Undetected since release.
Zero bans have ever occurred with Monolith, Undetected on EAC.

⁍ Unique builds
Monolith programmatically generates a unique build from a build server, each users version of Monolith has a unique signature.

⁍ Hidden from taskbar
Monolith is not visible on your taskbar.

⁍ Hidden from taskmanager

⁍ Ability to completely hide menu
Press your assigned key to completely hide Monoliths menu, usefull for screenshares.

Monolith Showcase Video